Wreck the Nation™ Quickie Rules
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Money: Each Politician receives 1Trillion Dollars from the Depository in the following denominations: 5 x $100 Billion, 6 x $50 Billion, 5 x $20 Billion, 6 x $10 Billion, 6 x $5 Billion, and 10 x $1 Billion.

Playing the Game:

_Roll the white dice to determine how many spaces you move around the board.
_Start at “GO”. Move up and out, then clockwise around the board.
_Doubles do not entitle you to roll again.
_At a fork in the road, Politicians may go straight ahead or toward Media spaces.
_All money is paid into –or- received from the Depository unless indicated by the rules or a card.

Collusion Rule:

When you land on a space occupied by another Politician, pay $10 Billion to that Politician.


_Always read cards out loud.
_Keep “Hold Cards” face-up until used.
_Whenever you are instructed to pay $1 Billion, put money on the “Wreck the Nation” space at the center of the board.
_If you are instructed to go to “Wreck the Nation”, place your token on the space and collect all the money that is there.

Gouge the Government:

Roll three times and add the sum to determine how much you will pay the Depository. If doubles are rolled at any time, add the sum of the dice and collect that amount from the Depository.

Poll the Public Spinner:

Spin one time. Pay or receive the amount indicated.
Declare War Spinner:
Spin three times. Each time you land on your category, pay $25 Billion.

Media Monopoly:

_A Media Monopoly consists of three in a row, or three of a kind.
_Mark the Media Outlets you own with your round marker.
_You may purchase up to three Media Outlets. The first costs you $50 Billion, the second $100 Billion, and the third $150 Billion, but only if they lead to owning a Media Monopoly. Otherwise, each Media Outlet costs $50 Billion.
_You may not trade or sell your Outlet.
_You must land on the Outlet to be able to purchase it.
_When you land on a Media Outlet, either pay the owner the Ad Fee, purchase the Outlet or pass.
_If you own a Media Monopoly, you receive twice the Ad Fee, or $24 Billion.

Winning the Game:
The first Politician to spend their entire portion of the public’s money wins the game and “Wrecks the Nation™”.

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